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Alannah is on the Balanced Bites Podcast!

Our fearless leader Alannah was recently featured on the Balanced Bites with Liz Wolfe, NTP podcast! Alannah and Liz discuss the Windhorse model, loneliness, the 40s transition, and so much more!

Listen to the full episode on Apple Podcasts or wherever you find your podcasts.


Did you know that talking about nutrition and fitness doesn’t have to spiral into obsessive behavior and self-judgment? Did you know you can pursue a better life without “should-ing” all over yourself? The key: it’s balance - otherwise, it’s just more of the same (again, and again, and again). Join Liz Wolfe, NTP as she asks all the questions and gives her signature thoughtful (and sometimes snarky) takes on food, fitness, and life - alongside bold thought leaders who are changing the wellness industry for good.

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