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Lisa Winner


Lisa graduated from Hampshire College with a double major and from Lesley University, where she received her Masters in Counseling with a focus on school and community.   In addition to her counseling degrees, Lisa is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner and is certified in Reiki III.  She has extensive experience in several types of body work.

As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in both Massachusetts and Maine, Lisa focuses on adolescents that are 18 and over with particular strengths in issues related to LGBTQ+, autism, trauma, addiction and recovery support, grief, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, post concussive syndrome.  She works closely with schools to help develop mental health programming and provide high quality, accessible services and care to high-school aged students.


A mother of two high spirited kids under 10 years old, Lisa keeps busy with various styles of dancing, swimming, fresh-water fish monitoring, painting and low-maintenance gardening.  She and her family practice meditation and she studies and practices positive psychology and somatic healing.

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