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Jennifer Funk


Jennifer Funk is a recovering Californian still eager to prove her mettle in New England.  A graduate of Bennington College with a BA in Liberal Arts and an MFA in Creative Writing from The Warren Wilson Program for Writers, she would tell you that she has multiple degrees in feeling her feelings and expressing them, and that her route to the counseling was more circuitous than many (but certainly not than most).  What was meant to be a short term detour as an Academic Coordinator for a post-hospitalization program at a local high school turned into a transformative career shift and led her to pursue her Masters in Counseling Psychology at Lesley University.  She graduated from Lesley in 2021, and spent two years working as the Clinical & Academic Coordinator for the Lighthouse Program at Bedford High School.  She is a licensed School Adjustment Counselor currently working at Concord-Carlisle High School. 


A former member of a relatively funny improv troupe, Jennifer often uses humor and storytelling to support her clients in both being present and increasing the elasticity of their imaginations.  In her work as a coach for Windhorse, she endeavors to provide practical, skills-based support from an existential perspective.  Coaching clients can anticipate DBT, some worksheets, and a lot of metaphors.  She fiercely attends to the belief no one makes good or true decisions from a place of shame. 


Jennifer's passions (in no particular order) include long distance running, rearranging all the books on her shelves, the state of Vermont, arguing with her partner about which movie to watch, and carrot cake.

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