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Coaching at Windhorse | Support for First Steps, Last Miles, and Messy Middles

Windhorse is deeply invested in building relationships with clients that allow for the wild and affirming work of coming into a more real and truthful relationship with one’s self.  There truly is no proxy for regular one-on-one communion with a trusted therapist, but the complexity of modern life is such that this extended process of self-discovery is not quite enough; sometimes, supplemental support to address acute behavior-based concerns is necessary to allow for long-term revelation and healing to continue. 

Windhorse’s Coaching Programs are endeavoring to fill this gap in care.  We offer individual coaching support for Eating Disorder Recovery, Executive Functioning, and Parent/Caregivers.  Team members work one-on-one with clients to address specific circumstances and collaborate on holistic, thoughtful interventions.  While the emphatic tenor and compassionate insight will be recognizable from a therapeutic relationship, a Coach’s goal is to offer more solution-focused, directive feedback to clients to increase confidence in navigating situation distress and dysregulation. 

Cultivating a meaningful life necessitates not only understanding our long-standing hurts and delights, but managing the disruptions of the everyday.  Coaching at Windhorse is designed to give clients one more crucial perspective on how to nurture their most true, most joyful self. 

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