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About Coaching

  • Clinical Eating Disorder Specialist
    Windhorse Counseling, a small, holistic group practice in West Concord, Massachusetts, is adding one counselor with deep eating disorder experience to our team. The ideal candidate is looking for virtual/onsite part-time hours (nights and weekends possible) with the potential to expand into full time work. This team member will be strongly relationship driven (both with clients and within the practice), embrace holistic perspectives, and will prioritize collaboration to better client outcomes. Specifics of the role: Our eating disorder specialist will believe that treating eating disorders and other addictive behaviors is a holistic process that relies on expanding a client's life into something truly bold and beautiful. Supervision (individual and group) available within the practice. Additional training is available. This clinician will also perform some general counseling in order to create and maintain a balanced caseload. Ideally, this clinician will be warm, dynamic, team-oriented, and comfortable working with clients from the age of 12+. Windhorse clinicians are also encouraged to lead groups pertaining to their interests. Must love office dogs, books, and colleagues with a sense of humor! Please message for more information. We're not in a rush; as a small group, we're most interested in the right fit for our clients and our team. Minimum qualifications: MA in counseling or social work. 1-2 years of eating disorder-specific clinical work; independent clinical licensure is required. This is a fee-for-service position.

Meet the Coaches


Jen, Eating Disorder Coach

"The Eating Disorder Coaching Program at Windhorse aims to fill the recovery gap.  We are eager to support those who’ve “recovered enough” to be out of intensive treatment but still sense the eating disorder and eating disordered behavior is building too close a fence around the lawn of their lives.  The limitations an eating disorder imposes extend beyond what goes on or comes off a plate, and in this program we endeavor to make the world wider for our recovering clients.  Sessions will include dynamic discussions, adventurous exploration of lingering attachment to disordered behavior, and thoughtfully planned exposure work."


Cailey, Executive Functioning Coach

"The purpose of the Executive Functioning Program at Windhorse  is to provide clients with practical skills to manage the everyday stressors of life. We recognize that it’s difficult to be a human these days. From organizing and prioritizing to keeping an up-to-date calendar and a balanced budget, we are committed to equipping clients with everything they need to make their life feel a bit more manageable. Sessions will be tailored to each client’s individual needs and will combine intentional skill-gathering and creative self-exploration. No matter what phase of life a person is in, we’re here to guide them as they discover what works for them."


Sara, Parent Coach

"Parent Coaching is a way to better understand what is happening at home both for your child and in your relationship.  Does our response bring them in closer or push them further away? What messages are they responding to internally? How do tone of voice, sibling dynamics and expectations muddy the waters? We will discuss how our approaches can be both helpful and make things harder.  Reasonable and realistic action approaches to guide your interactions and help nurture your relationships. You will leave with a concrete plan of how to respond or approaches to try in certain situations."

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