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This is a recording of a previous webinar session.


This presentation will provide the participant with practical tools to navigate nutrition-related obstacles of daily living such as structuring eating patterns, planning meal/snack times & optimizing nutrition to support focus, attention, and long-lasting energy. You will learn about the role nutrition plays in brain function, how blood sugar levels relate to ability to focus, and ways to incorporate realistic tips into your daily life to improve your overall well being as it relates to food.


Caleigh is a Registered Dietitian with special interests in Eating Disorders and mental health nutrition. Caleigh received her degree in Nutrition Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst & completed her Dietetic Internship at Massachusetts General Hospital. She has a variety of experiences in higher levels of care settings for Eating Disorders as well as outpatient counseling. She currently works at Boston Children's Hospital in the GI Division. In addition to her experience in Eating Disorder care, Caleigh has been an active member in the local fitness community working as a personal trainer & group fitness instructor - she utilizes these experiences to encourage a peaceful relationship with food, exercise & body.

Eating for ADHD with Caleigh Collamer

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